Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy is a funk collective founded by main songwriters Thierry Matrat and Ron Littlejohn. The project features Ron Littlejohn on vocals, Thierry Matrat on keyboards, Alana Bridgewater on vocals, Olivier Babaz on bass, Joe Hackl on guitar, Moise Matey on percussion, Dwight Chase on drums, and many other talented musicians contributing to individual tracks.

The project began with Thierry Matrat, who, after a long history as a hip hop artist in France, started the Funk Embassy project in 2009. He began composing music originally with the intention of creating soul/funk songs for rappers. After many collaborations, he decided to switch the project’s focus and hire the best musicians and singers he could find. Craigslist made this happen, and it was Craigslist Toronto that brought Thierry and Ron together.

Unknowingly, Thierry has found the perfect person to help him spearhead the ideal direction for his music. Ron Littlejohn had a long history in the Toronto soul/funk scene with his popular group Planet Earth, who Thierry listened to for “5 seconds before he knew Ron was the singer he was looking for”. Prior to finding Ron, Thierry has advertised in Montreal and found three very notable funk musicians in Olivier Babaz (bass), Joe Hackl (guitar) and Dwight Chase (drums).

Thierry and Ron recorded the initial music by communicating through emails as to what the song structures and melodies should be. Music was then recorded in studio in both Montreal and Toronto. After the initial demos, Ron recommended additional musicians to complete the collective needed for the debut album (Steve Donald, Kevin Turcotte and Alana Bridgewater).

Fast forward to Fall 2013, and Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy are preparing to see their album “Shining On” released (Oct 19). Inspired by their heroes such as Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, the album was a labor of love, consisting of work and dedication from some of Toronto and Montreal’s best soul/funk artists, ironically brought together by a songwriter from Lyons, France.

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Shining On + Bonus : Unity