A Day in San Francisco

Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy
Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy



from Shining on, released 19 October 2013 
Ron Littlejohn : Vocals, Lyrics 
Thierry Matrat : Songwriting, Keyboards 
Dwight Chase : Drums 
Olivier Babaz : Bass 
Joe Hackl : Guitar 
Moise Matey : Percussions
Guillaume Larouche : Flute 

Recorded by : 
Karl de Serres at St-Phonic Studios, Montreal, Canada 
Jason Steidman at Number 9 Studios, Toronto, Canada 

Mixed by : Karl de Serres 

Mastered by : Steve Corrao at Sage Audio Studios, Nashville, Tn, USA 

Produced by : Thierry Matrat 
(c) 2013, Thierry Matrat Prod., All Rights Reserved


I was just a kid when Aretha did it 
down at the Fillmore. 
I saw ray charles and movie stars 
flip the lids of the kids and the skids of San Francisco 

Look at all the groovy people 
moving to and fro 
lets take one more hit and let's pack our shit 
and get down to San Francisco. 

Maybe we'll get back to that city 
Haight Ashbury, Hunter's Point and all 
maybe it was our very best kept secret 
maybe we were never there at all 
maybe we were never there at all 
maybe we were never there at all...

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