My Magination

Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy
Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy



from Shining on, released 19 October 2013 
Ron Littlejohn : Vocals, Lyrics 
Thierry Matrat : Songwriting, Keyboards 
Dwight Chase : Drums 
Olivier Babaz : Bass 
Joe Hackl : Guitar 
Kevin Turcotte : Trumpet 
Steve Donald : Trombone 

Recorded by : 
Karl de Serres at St-Phonic Studios, Montreal, Canada 
Jason Steidman at Number 9 Studios, Toronto, Canada 

Mixed by : Karl de Serres 

Mastered by : Steve Corrao at Sage Audio Studios, Nashville, Tn, USA 

Produced by : Thierry Matrat 
(c) 2013, Thierry Matrat Prod., All Rights Reserved


Is there something I been missing 
who you been kissing 
while i’m working 
you been jerkin and messin’ me around 
when you stay late 
I just pray lately 
that it’s just my imagination then regret my accusation 
Don’t know where I read it 
or just who said it 
good things come to those who wait 
left behind by those who hustle. 
And If I told you what I’m going through 
would you turn off the cold water 
and let me love you like I want to. 

Ooh this ain’t cool 
They way you leave me hanging on 
What you puttin on 
Ooh and what you do 
When you leave me alone 
With just me and my magination 
My magination... 

Hey one and only 
Do you get lonely? 
Before you know it 
If you don’t show 
there’s a chance that we could blow it 
now I been thinking 
and I been drinking 
and if it’s any consolation 
this is my last consecration. 

pretty blue dawn flower 
we got the power 
if we don’t get it then you can bet 
our love will soon regret it 
I got a feeling 
that I’m dealing 
with something funky 
I know he’s on ya 
I can feel him 
I can smell him on ya 

You ‘can have all the time in the world baby 
We could have all the love that we needed 
Is it just a matter of wanting what I can’t have? 
Or is just a matter of trying to steal it?


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