Seems Like Yesterday

Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy
Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy


from Shining on, released 19 October 2013 
Ron Littlejohn : Vocals, Lyrics 
Thierry Matrat : Songwriting, Keyboards 
Dwight Chase : Drums 
Olivier Babaz : Bass 
Joe Hackl : Guitar 
DJ Mana : Turntables 

Recorded by : 
Karl de Serres at St-Phonic Studios, Montreal, Canada 
Jason Steidman at Number 9 Studios, Toronto, Canada 

Mixed by : Karl de Serres 

Mastered by : Steve Corrao at Sage Audio Studios, Nashville, Tn, USA 

Produced by : Thierry Matrat 
(c) 2013, Thierry Matrat Prod., All Rights Reserved


Hey baby well look at you 
I’ve been better but it’s good to see you too 
Seems like yesterday 
I just came back to say 
Baby how you been? 

Things don’t look too good 
In my old neighborhood 
I did the best I could 
So now I’m outta range 
Some things never change 
And I’m a bad bad man. 


Do you remember when 
we was skin to skin? 
Those were the good old days. 
Well now I’m just a friend 
That’s all I’ve ever been 
And that’s so cold 
Let the church say “yeah” 
church sermon type rap : 

ladies and gentlemen is it all right if I stand here tonight and I speak about something? 
I swear it won’t take long but tonight I feel a sermoncomin’ on I said is it all right if I speak about something? 
Why don’t you come a little closer baby and get next to the sound.. 
somebody said “he used to go out to parties and uh uh uhstand around!” 
you know sometimes in life it’s true we FORGET what it really really means to get down! 
You’ll always have a choice if you hear the sound of my voice and keep diggin’ what I’m putting down. 

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