Shining On

Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy
Ron Littlejohn, Thierry Matrat



from Shining on, released 19 October 2013 
Ron Littlejohn : Vocals, Lyrics 
Thierry Matrat : Songwriting, Keyboards 
Alana Bridgewater : Vocals 
Dwight Chase : Drums 
Olivier Babaz : Bass 
Joe Hackl : Guitar 
Glenn Crosse : Guitar Solo 
Kevin Turcotte : Trumpet 

Recorded by : 
Karl de Serres at St-Phonic Studios, Montreal, Canada 
Jason Steidman at Number 9 Studios, Toronto, Canada 

Mixed by : Glenn Crosse (Toronto), Karl de Serres (Montreal)

Mastered by : Glenn Crosse, Toronto, Canada 

Produced by : Thierry Matrat 
(c) 2013, Thierry Matrat Prod., All Rights Reserved


Life is ready to begin 
you caught my eye knew when you came in 
we could have a real good time 
sit back, relax and let it blow your mind 

you may feel every now and then 
beat up, tore down, used and abused time and time again. 
we got to love our way right on through the darkness 
Disregard the negative don’t let em get any of that darkness on you. 

Keep on shining 
Shinning on 
Keep on shining 
Shining on. 

Don’t give up and don’t give in 
Never let anyone tell you what to think or how they think that you should live 
Don’t give a damn bout what anyone say 
cause you got soul 

baby you’re just so cool that way. 
do as I say not as I do 
keep your eye on the prize find someone who’ll love and take care of you 
now there’s a crack in everything 
honey it’s the only way sometimes the light gets in. 

Keep on shining 
Shinning on 
Keep on shining 
Shining on.


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Shining On + Bonus : Unity