"This music is weed. This music is sex. It’s got me grooving, strung out on the bed."

"If you are a fan of funky organs, chill strings, blastingly smooth brass, funky 7th chord riffs on guitar and skilled songwriting and compositions you will absolutely love this album. To sum it all up in one word the album is just groovy!"

"Shining on truly transports you back in time to the smooth and groovy seventies"

"Embassy is damn right, Ron Littlejon are committed to representing the funk in an age that seems to have forgotten its musical roots. This is funk, soul, blues, jazz and gospel like you had it in the golden age, when music was music, not computer-generated noises."

"funk/soul in its purest form for those who grew up in waistcoats and platform shoes, or those who have a nose for good, organic music. "


Shining On is solid from start to finish and definitely sinks into the skin with an easy fluidity that is hard to forget"


"Let's hope Shining On also gets a chance to shine on the mainstream, because it's the best of the good stuff."


"From ‘Shining On’ we swagger straight into album highlight ‘Seems Like Yesterday’, a track so smooth you could put a straw in it and call it a milkshake. With its angular string parts and painfully cool guitar lick, it’s hard to believe this isn’t some lost classic from the Golden Age of soul."

"This comes recommended by most doctors in California to be taken with your herbal treatments."

"What happens when a songwriter and Hip Hop artist from France puts together one of the most bad ass funk bands Canada has seen yet?

Meet Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy."

" Drips with such throwback authenticity you think they were recorded in 1972."

"You feel as though you traveled through a time machine to the days when funk ruled the radio airwaves."

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"The EP, by Ron Littlejohn and the Funk Embassy is a culmination of funk and soul tracks featuring an impressive list of talented musicians"

"Here is an album that can give you a lesson in the roots of hip-hop."

"Fans of funk and soul rejoice, because you have just found your new favorite band"

"If you have funk flowing through your bloodstream, this will get you moving at parties, strutting round your neighbourhood or slapping the wheel on long car drives"


"Albums like this just aren’t made anymore, or so I thought."

"you can’t deny the greatness of something as grandiose as an album like this."

"It’s a throwback, and rather than a copying or a cheap imitation, it’s a loving tribute. I am in love with this album."


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Shining On + Bonus : Unity